"The courtship poetry “A male phoenix pursuing a female phoenix” written by Sima Xiangru in Han Dynasty not only expresses the author's ardent feelings for Zhuo Wenjun, but also vividly describes how many spoony men and women's good hopes for love from ancient to modern times. Therefore, this article is meaningful and has been handed down for a long time. Phoenix is known as "the king of birds". It has been an important element of China's culture since ancient times, symbolizing auspicious and harmony. Its character is noble and unsullied. It only inhabit on plane tree. The male bird is called "Feng" in Chinese, while the female is called "Huang". Recently, a headphone named "Huang" is not expensive, but it is made of exquisite materials and well-designed, full of Chinese elements. Moreover, from the aspect of sound performance, it can be said that it is delicate and smooth with great details, which makes people not tired after listening for a long time. It is a high-value product at low-medium price range. When it comes to Sivga, many domestic audiophiles may not be familiar with it, but if it comes to Sendy Audio, I believe many audiophiles will suddenly know it. As a popular headphone brand in recent years, Sendy Audio has only a few products, such as M1221 earphone with balance armature and dynamic driver, Aiya planar magnetic earphone and Aiva planar magnetic headphone. However, with its impressive wood housing, comfortable fitting and excellent sound quality, Sendy Audio has won a lot of praise and hot discussion in the audiophile field. At that time I also wrote a review on AIVA headphone. That product left a very deep and beautiful impression on me. Today AIVA is still one of the monitoring headphones I often use. In fact, the team behind Sendy Audio in those years is now the one for Sivga. They updated their brands because of market operation. In fact Sivga has been a brand for many years. Its products are mostly sold in the international market, which is a typical example of "blossoming in the wall and fragrant outside the wall". The team behind this brand is more powerful. It has been deeply engaged in the OEM / ODM field of headphones for more than ten years. It has not only made "wedding clothes" for a large number of international well-known headphone brands, but also is familiar with all aspects of the headphone production process. This has been a natural advantage when developing their own products."