Twister 6 reviewed Sivga PII headphone -A boutique design and build headphone under $500


" P-II has a lot going for it as it is a well thought out product with an attractive design, extremely good build quality and a sound signature that isn’t trying to hit a target curve perfectly for reference sound but is going for an interesting, exciting and musical signature instead which has very good separation between layers, resolution, details and an interesting soundstage. Even though it has a low impedance of 32Ω and 98dB sensitivity, its sound signature shines much better through a nice powerful balanced output of a good DAP and even more on a good desktop setup with a clean linear powerful amp. Well, if you’re tired of owning and listening to reference-neutral headphones and would now like to get a nice warm, exciting and musical headphone, I definitely recommend giving P-II a shot !"

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